Switch to uPVC Windows For Chennai People

Living in Chennai? Consider switching to uPVC windows

Chennai’s climate is tropical throughout the year, because it is a coastal city located on the thermal equator. While this prevents extreme variations in temperatures, for most parts of the year the Chennai weather is humid and heated or wet and rainy.

Monsoons last for about 3 months and are accompanied by very heavy rainfalls and sturdy winds. Because it’s a coastal city, the rains can be a little too harsh. Another concern pertaining to Chennai alone could be that of noise, since like any major city, it witnesses a lot of sound pollution from vehicles, construction and other factors.

Such conditions demand doors and windows that have superior characteristics and high durability. uPVC windows and doors are an ideal option for a city like Chennai, and a lot of uPVC window and door manufacturers and dealers in Chennai provide frames that make practical sense for a location with such challenging conditions.

Requirements for uPVC windows in Chennai:


A major benefit that uPVC windows and doors provide is against water seepage. These windows and doors have been built to stay water-tight, protecting not just your windows but also the elegant walls inside.


High-quality uPVC windows and doors are wind-resistant, and are capable of sustaining high-velocity winds with ease, avoiding rattling or whistling noises specifically in taller buildings and coastal areas. Certain brands also offer windows that come with hurricane bars for added strength.

Mosquito mesh:

The monsoons often witness an increase of mosquitoes and other pests. With a range of mesh options available for high-quality uPVC windows and doors, you can keep mosquitoes and other insects at bay, without hindering the fresh breeze of monsoon winds from coming in.


A city like Chennai is fast paced with lots of traffic and other noises. High performance uPVC window and door systems help cut out outside noise considerably, ensuring that your indoors are considerably calmer.

Robust and weather-proof:

When it comes to the unique requirements of a coastal home, uPVC doors and windows are ideal, since they provide comparatively high levels of thermal and energy efficiency, and help keep the interiors of your home weather-proof. They are able to withstand damage from corroding winds that carry sand and salt, which erode other traditional materials like timber and wrought iron.

uPVC window dealers in Chennai

If you are looking for uPVC windows in Chennai, look no further than Aparna Venster – one of the leading dealers of uPVC windows and doors in Chennai, offering a range of high performance uPVC windows and doors that are ideal for Chennai’s weather.  All our uPVC windows and doors are highly durable, multi-chambered and made using world-class technology. The windows and doors do not rot, corrode or warp and retain their original shape, size, colour, and shine for years, with just minimal maintenance.

With Aparna Venster,  you can enjoy the monsoons without worrying about the durability or beauty of your doors and windows.

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