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Why uPVC sliding windows and doors are a great choice for you

Looking to upgrade to uPVC windows and doors? Aparna VENSTER offers stunning contemporary looks, unrivalled choice of styles, exceptional energy efficiency and advanced technical design, when it comes to uPVC Sliding windows and doors – all rolled into one market-leading package.

Aparna VENSTER brings clean sightlines with an internally flush finish – perfect for homeowners looking to create and give a modern look and feel to their home. If you’re looking to achieve a high-end modern finish, choose from contemporary colours and laminations options available.

Aparna VENSTER uPVC windows & doors are especially made to suit the Indian climate. These uPVC windows and uPVC doors maintain their integrity and adopt to extreme heat & cold, heavy rainfall, high winds and corrosive sea water.

uPVC Sliding Windows and Doors:

uPVC Sliding windows and doors are a wonderful way to open up your home and are just the right choice when space is a hindrance. They enhance the looks, security and value of your home. These uPVC windows and uPVC doors do not open in or out, they slide sideways on tracks in the door frame and therefore don’t take up any space in the home when opened. They move on multi-tracks and have multiple locking system in place. They also offer the most uninterrupted view of the outdoors with large panes of glass in each section. By bringing the outside world into your home you can access more natural light, fresh air and a more open plan living space. Making them extra secure are the galvanized steel reinforcement inserted inside the profile.

uPVC Slide and Fold Doors:

The unique uPVC slide and fold doors are the best choice when utilizing limited space. These uPVC doors easily fold on one side while sliding over the crafted framework of the door with ease. The most recognizable aspect of this design is the way they open by sliding the ‘leaves’ in order to fold or stack up to the left, right, inside or outside of the frames. The first instinct is to think this would be difficult and requires a great deal of strength, but due to the roller tracking system, it is quite a simple task, and even a child could manage to slide the door open. These uPVC slide and fold doors provide unobstructed view, bring the outside world into your home so you can access more natural light and fresh air and enhance the overall appeal of the room.

Host of Advantages:

uPVC Sliding windows and doors offer great advantages in addition to bringing great style to limited space. All types of uPVC sliding windows and sliding doors are highly durable and can last up to 35 years with minimal maintenance. These lead-free uPVC windows and uPVC doors are crafted to insulate against harsh sunlight and noise. The multi point locking system and the reinforced galvanized steel core ensures highest safety.

Aparna Venster’s service and wide range of advantages, make Venster’s sliding windows and sliding doors the preferred choice for homeowners looking for efficient, durable and stylish uPVC windows and doors.

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