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uPVC windows protect you from outside noise!

Continuous exposure to high decibels of noise is a common occurrence in urban dwelling. While many complain about noise from air conditioning, obnoxious ringtones, traffic, nearby airports and construction sites, celebrations, and other miscellaneous sources, very few realize how harmful it really is.

Studies suggest that exposure to noise arouses the nervous system, causing rising blood pressure, hypertension, sleep disorders, and the release of stress hormones. Over time, these instinctive responses stress the cardiovascular system and give rise to anger and exhaustion.

Solving this noise problem isn’t easy. Four walls and ordinary doors and windows don’t work, because sound, like water, seeps through the smallest of gaps.

Perhaps a major source of noise that is both loud and almost perennial comes from noise from road traffic that can reach a staggering 45 dB to 75 dB based on your location and the time of the day.

Noise from wedding processions, loud speakers, firecrackers or the sounds of a busy high street are also frequent and difficult to control.

Another critical source is noise from airplanes and railways/metros. Depending upon your location, noise pollution from airplanes can range from a minor to severe disturbance in your home, also capable of reaching 97 dB.

Similarly, at 100 feet away, a diesel train produces 80 dB, the same as a freight train from 15 feet away. This is way above the level that can cause permanent hearing damage after prolonged exposure.

While one cannot control the noise coming from outside, there are always ways to insulate your space against these rising decibels.

Simple Way To Keep The Noise Out

Aparna VENSTER uPVC windows and Doors are designed to dissipate the sound waves and cause it to lose its power. This is achieved by using materials that absorb and reflect the pressure.  These soundproof uPVC doors and windows are designed to optimize the properties of uPVC and glass in order to specifically combat noise.

By far the most appealing factor of VENSTER is its durability and noise reduction capabilities. They are also considerably cheaper than timber, aluminum and composite in the long run and have a life span of around 30 years.

These uPVC doors and windows have a considerably thicker glass which is a critical factor in cutting outside noise. They come with laminated layers of glass that reduce noise pollution without affecting the clarity of the glass. The space between the glasses also helps in insulation against outside noise.

So if you’re looking for uPVC doors and windows that considerably cut outside noise, Aparna Venster uPVC window & door system is the best solution.

Insulating your home and office against outside noise does not mean compromising on style or functionality. Venster’s uPVC doors and windows also insulate against heat and are durable and easy to maintain. The uPVC doors and windows come with multi-point locking and a galvanized steel core in the frame, ensuring security while the various types of uPVC windows and doors, with their color and lamination options, ensures that your space looks beautiful. Choose from various types of uPVC windows & doors including uPVC sliding doors, uPVC sliding windows, uPVC villa windows, casement, tilt and turn, and more.

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