For a space to stand out, we often hunt for expensive artefacts, luxurious furniture and more but an often underrated element or piece of design are the windows and doors that we pick out. Traditionally, windows and doors have been seen as pieces of utility that help fresh air and light come in while keeping you safe indoors. While, even today, windows and doors fulfil the same function, they come with an added advantage now—they work to style up your space.

Aparna Venster brings you uPVC windows and doors that transform a conventional looking space and brings out its personality. Presenting 6 uPVC window frames from Venster that can totally transform the look of your place.

uPVC Casement Windows:

What makes uPVC Casement windows special is that they are a very simple yet powerful way to add the right amount of design and style to your space while letting in fresh air and ample of light.

uPVC Sliding Windows:

A popular choice among those who enjoy expansive views. The uPVC sliding windows provide unobstructed views of the outside world while saving space due to the sliding mechanism. These windows go well with any interiors and are particularly suited when there is limited space.

uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows:

The uPVC tilt and turn windows add a touch of style while providing flexible opening and ventilation options. These uPVC windows tilt open at an angle from the top with the hinges fixed at the bottom or swing inwards with the hinges on the side, both with the simple turn of a lever – an aesthetic and practical solution to beautiful spaces needing flexible ventilation options.

uPVC Villa Windows:

Safety and style come together with Aparna Venster’s uPVC Villa windows. A design that can look beautiful in any setting, Villa windows from Venster come with a mosquito mesh and a safety grill so that you can feel safe and secured without compromising on style.

uPVC Arch Windows:

This clean and classic style is a sure shot conversation starter. Add a touch of royalty and elegance with uPVC Arch windows. The arch can range from narrow rounded arch windows to very wide arched windows–no matter what style you choose, this simple addition of an arched uPVC window frame, is sure to beautify your space.

uPVC Combination Windows:

As the name suggests, combination windows can be combinations of casement, fixed and sliding windows or two windows of the same type or two windows of different types. Lend a distinctive look to your space with versatile window combinations. The benefit of these uPVC windows is that they allow you to play with your imagination and craft windows that suit your purpose and sense of style.

Not just in terms of uPVC window frames, Aparna Venster also provides a host of customization options to help you build a space that matches your taste. Choose from a range of laminations, grill options, mesh options, handles and more. uPVC windows and doors from Venster not just look beautiful but are also water, wind and noise resistant. They are easy to maintain and last for years so that your space looks as beautiful as new for years to come.