While building or renovating a house is very exciting, it is also a process that requires careful considerations. A beautiful house can turn into an undesirable living space if the right building materials are not used.

Rusted, warped or faded windows and termite-eaten doors that ultimately lead to expensive and frequent refurbishing—these are all frequently encountered problems, especially in the context of Indian households which are already prone to extreme weather conditions.

Here is where Aparna Venster’s uPVC windows and doors come in. Made using superior lead free compound and state-of-the-art German machinery, Venster uPVC windows and doors provide a host of advantages that are particularly suited for Indian households.

With the temperatures rising every summer, a lot of Indian households experience an increase in their AC power bills. But with Venster uPVC windows and doors and their multiple glazing options, you have superior thermal insulation that keeps your indoors cool while cutting your AC bills up to 30%.

Another concern that Indian households often face is the noise pollution that they are exposed to even in the comforts of their house. Be it honking vehicles, the hazardous noise levels from a nearby construction site or a loudspeaker from a wedding procession, there is noise pollution everywhere. Our uPVC windows and doors, with their unique double seal mechanism, have been designed to cut outside noise up to 40 dB to make indoors considerably noise-proof.

uPVC doors and windows also have the distinct advantage of being weather-proof. They can withstand heavy winds and high velocity rains and come with hurricane bars—especially useful for those living in coastal areas or high-rise apartments.

Another key benefit of uPVC is that it is low maintenance and does not require painting or polishing unlike wooden substitutes. The windows and doors are built to retain their shine, color, lustre, size and shape for decades.

uPVC doors and windows are also very durable and last for years to come. They do not warp or corrode and are termite-resistant, increasing the life of the windows and doors significantly—a critical factor for Indian households while choosing windows and doors.

The need to feel secure and safe is an essential prerequisite that a house is supposed to fulfil. With their multi-point locking system, uPVC doors and windows helps keep burglars at bay. You can add an extra layer of security by incorporating grills into the uPVC frame.

The weather also invites a lot of mosquitoes and other insects. Aparna Venster’s uPVC doors and windows come with the option of adding a mosquito screen to keep mosquitoes from entering your house.

Venster makes windows and doors that are not just functional but also aesthetic. The wide range of customization options lets you choose the accompanying hardware including handles, grills, mesh options, laminate textures and more.

Not just in terms of hardware, you can choose from a range of uPVC door frames including uPVC casement doors, uPVC sliding doors, etc or add style to your space with our range of uPVC window frames including uPVC tilt and turn windows, uPVC sliding windows, uPVC casement windows and more.

With high performance, low maintenance and a variety of customization options, Aparna Venster’s uPVC windows and doors are the perfect solution for Indian households looking for building or refurbishing their space.